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Block puzzle surely is a super fun game. The gameplay is easy to understand, and you will easily get familiar with the controls.
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Block Puzzle Jewel! A puzzle game is coming of the ages—a perfect representation of the classic block ordering game. Most of us already had played the Tetris, which challenges us to place the pieces in a way that can improve our score until we hit the top. The objective is to put blocks to demolish lines from the screen either horizontally or vertically.

Block puzzle surely is a super fun game. The gameplay is easy to understand, and you will easily get familiar with the controls. Each piece has a unique colour, but the good part is that you can adjust the direction of the piece to make it fit wherever you want it to. However, it is not that simple. The tricky part is the speed at which the blocks fall; the speed increases as you progress along with the levels. So, you barely get time to think and plan your moves.

You are kept guessing and made to sweat while playing the block puzzle jewel mod apk!


Following is a list of a few of the cool features of the game.


The game is simple yet elegant in the display. The awesome 3D graphics add fun to game outlay. As many users check for the games’ graphics these days, the block puzzle mod apk offers eye-pleasant and catchy colors to the players.


The music is so tempting and pleasant to the ears that you can keep on listening for hours. The soft and classy music is perfectly synchronized with the blocks falling from the top of the screen. As the levels go up, the music changes with the intensity.


Unlike classic block puzzle games, the Block Puzzle Jewel has different background themes for each level. Thus, you do not get bored. The beautiful backgrounds add visual effects and sometimes are used to increase difficulty in levels by matching background and foreground color schemes.

Age restrictions

Yes, there are no age restrictions. The game is easy and does not have age-restricting features, thus making it a perfect game for game players of all ages.

Move limits

There are no move limits either, which means you can keep going with the moves. To reach the top, you need to have this kind of freedom.

Free of charge

The game is free, from download to play—no need to spend even a single penny. To start enjoying it, download the Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk on your phone or desktop and start enjoying it.

Offline Play

Not many e-games offer offline playing facilities. But, the Block Puzzle provides you with an option even to play while in an offline mode. A cool feature, especially if you travel frequently and do not have internet connectivity.


With levels getting harder and harder, you are not left with basic instincts to compete with them. Boosters keep adding value and ease for you to complete the more difficult levels. You should use them very carefully and wisely, as you may lose your boosters and game.

High scores

If you consider your master of the Block Puzzle, the game challenges you to use multiple blocks for higher scores simultaneously. It becomes cool and puts e-gamers skills to the high test.


The game has three different modes – the classic mode, the bomb mode, and the time mode. So that you do not bog down with just one kind of gameplay and eventually stop playing. We will elaborate on each of these modes in more detail in the coming lines under the gameplay heading.

The Competition

The game does not just keep your score to yourself only but puts it on the list with millions of other players. Such a strategy creates a sense of competition among the players; you can manage daily, weekly or monthly goals scoring challenges.

Description of the Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk

The Block Puzzle has easy gameplay at its core. The purpose is to match and fit blocks in the perfect way to blast out the completed lines. It results in getting more points and boosters for the next levels. You can use boosters in difficult levels to complete them easily and continue with your scoreline.

A new version of the Block Puzzle is available, which has improved features with bugs fixed. It only covers 32MB of space on your device. With more than 5million downloads to date, the game is one of the best-downloaded puzzle games. So once downloaded, you become part of a large block puzzle community.

The game works smoothly and is pleasing to the eyes. The game uses elegant block lines to complete the fills and eventually vanish once a line is perfectly completed. There are challenges, and the game becomes tougher as you go up with the levels.

Story of the Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk

Inspired by the classic block game, the game is modern in design and old in feel. You have unlimited levels to complete and keep accumulating the points. The points are then used to avail boosters and gems to unlock further and complete difficult levels. You can use a single line or increase the intensity by using multiple lines simultaneously. However, you avail yourself more points if you use multiple lines. It automatically disappears once a line is completed, racks up points, and provides space for the new building.

All you need is not to let the building reach the top of the screen. When the blocks are not arranged properly and it touches the top of the screen, the game is over. You may lose a few stars along the way if you fail to complete the mission. You have the option to plan your next move by pausing the game. You are also provided with the next type of block in advance so that you may use your brain to plan and execute successful moves.

Tips and tricks

While playing the Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk, some tips will allow you to achieve the highest score.

  • Start from the corners, as it helps to decrease empty spaces and offers increased horizontal and vertical choices.
  • Try matching and clearing multiple rows and columns simultaneously to get bonus points and quickly complete the level.
  • The ultimate goal is not to fill empty spaces but to clear vertical or horizontal lines.
  • Mindless placement of blocks without pre-planning will not get you anywhere. So, plan your moves.  
  • You always have to stay alert to avoid having a bummer by a 3×3 square piece. The idea is to create a space and not place it anywhere; always leave a 9-square room for a 3×3 block.
  • Put your brain into the game, and focus on strategy instead of dumping and hoping it fits. Luck does not always work, so plan your move and earn maximum points.

Gameplay of the Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk

The modern block puzzle game intends to eliminate blocks by completing a row or column. But, it is not that simple either. The user gets blocks in a set of three and has to place them on the bore. The users have options to rotate the provided block as per their liking before fitting them into the chain. Such options make the game a real treat and fun to play.

Primarily, there are three different modes of play.

The Classic Model

The classic mode is a carbon copy of the old block puzzle game. There are no hidden secrets, no gimmicks or bonuses. There is a simple board; the users are provided with blocks of different shapes. They need to place them on board to form a complete line to earn points. Upon reaching the end of possible moves, the game ends.

The Timed Mode

It is a race against the clock. The mode is more challenging compared to the previous one. The player is allotted two minutes, in which he has to complete maximum lines to achieve the highest possible points. The blocks get spawn which is destroyed. As the time runs out, the game is over.

The Bomb Mode

The player has ten moves to destroy the bomb block in this mode. Failing to which, the bomb gets blasted, and the game is over. Additionally, there is just one bomb at the start, but if you fail to destroy it within five moves, it adds another bomb to the board.  

How to download the Block Puzzle Jewel Mod Apk

Downloading the game block puzzle jewel mod apk requires the following steps for your easy reference.

  1. Search for the Mod Apk file on the search engine using Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk.
  2. To download the file, click the download option.
  3. Find the Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk file in the downloads section.
  4. Run the file by permitting your device to download and run from unknown sources.
  5. To allow all the necessary permissions, click the settings button and turn the option ON.
  6. After the installation is done, click the game icon on your device and start enjoying the game.

You can follow the same steps to download the game and play it on your PC.


Is the Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk a safe download and installation?

Yes, the game is fully secure from bugs and malware. The game is safe and innocuous to run on your handheld devices and PCs.

Does the game require authorization to run on my device?

Yes, the game does require a few authorizations to install and run your device. However, these are routine permissions that every game request to run properly.

Is the game free to install and download?

Yes, the game is 100% free and does not charge for downloading or playing. You need to pay a single penny to enjoy this puzzle game.

Wrapping up 

Block Puzzle Jewel mod apk! It is an addictive game and keeps players stuck to it for hours by challenging their gaming skills. The game is beautifully crafted to give an incredible intuitive feel to the players. It is simple yet challenging. Feel free to download and share it with your friends.

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