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Fishdom Mod Apks is an amazing game where you can catch fish and eat them. It has been downloaded over 10 million times!
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Fishdom! An ideal game for the fish lover. The game is awesome and fun. To make it wholesome, you need to create your aquarium and fill it with unique fishes, decorations, and other equipment.

Moreover, there are multiple in-game challenges to match-3 levels to keep you engaged. So, the Fishdom mod apk will make you dive deep into the underwater world. You will have to bring your decorating instincts into play to make an aquarium full of life and joy. Feed the fishes, play with them, and monitor them to see how they interact.

You can also collect Fishdom mod apk unlimited diamonds for unlocking all levels. The game has beautiful graphics, interactive features, soothing music, and is bug-free. It is perfect for players of all skill levels. So, Fishdom is not just a puzzle game but keeps you guessing for making match-3.

Come on in, finned buddies await your arrival.


Let’s check out a few notable features of the latest Fishdom mod apk.

Unique Game Play

Unlike other matching games, Fishdom is unique because you can swap, match, design, decorate, play, and take care of fish all in one game. The gameplay is developed in a way that keeps you engaged and glued to the game. In short, it does not let you get bored by playing a simple matching game but keeps your interest high by offering different difficulty levels.

Multiple levels

As you move on, the levels keep on getting tough. You are not just limited to playing easy games and achieving diamonds but are tested to earn you unlimited money for unlocking the next levels. There are hundreds of fun-filled and tough matching levels.

3D Aquatic World

The game has 3D graphics to offer a realistic approach. The details on the aquarium and fish are highly detailed and eye-catching. The color realization of the game is sleek in look, which means your eyes do not get tired after playing the game for a few minutes. The eye-friendly 3D graphics are designed to keep your vision stress to a minimum level so that you can dive deep into the deep.

Multiplayer Option

If you are tired of playing games yourself, Fishdom mod apk iOS is your perfect distraction. Sharing your progress with your social media friends is easy with just a single tap. Additionally, you can challenge and play with your social media buddies. Thus, making it a cool game to make your friendship stronger.

Testing your Creativity

Do you believe you are an architect? The game will test your skills. You are provided with an empty water tank; now, bring out your design skills to arrange an aquarium full of beautiful fishes. Plan your money wisely to keep growing your aquarium. Further, you can interact with the fish as well. So, test your creativity and transform an old tank into a living sea habitat.

Online/offline play

Now you need to worry about having an internet connection to play the Fishdom mod apk. You can play it both online and without an internet connection. Once online, your progress will automatically get updated to surprise your friends.

Free Play

Suppose you are tired of making payments for unlocking new levels on other games. You can get free Fishdom games downloads full versions. It is available for free download from the app stores. So do not burden your pocket by making payments to enjoy your favorite game.

Graphics and Sounds

For those who prefer 3D styles, the game is equipped with beautiful art styles, which makes it suitable for e-gamers of all ages. The graphics are interactive, dynamic, and visually awesome. Similarly, the simple and cheerful soundtrack gives an energized experience. So, enjoy time with the game with high-definition graphics and music.

Description of the Fishdom mod apk

Fishdom’s gameplay is easy at its core. The purpose is to match-three challenges to earn diamonds, which are then used to unlock the next levels. Moreover, there are daily challenges through which you can earn special rewards.

A new, improved version of the game is available online and easily accessible by the Fishdom mod apk. The game is not very heavy and only takes about 142MB of space on your mobile phone. The game is leading the way on downloads charts, making it one of the best puzzle games to have at your disposal. So, download and become part of the fish-loving community.

The game is bug-free and runs perfectly well on all Android and iOS mobile phones. So, play smoothly and interactively without letting the game break down. Your progress is always updated and makes you brag in front of your friends. There are multiple challenges, which keep on getting tougher as you move up with the levels.   

Story of the Fishdom mod apk

‘Fishdom’ is a new game from reputable developer Playrix. Similar to other match-3 games, the game offers the same play pattern. However, it is not boring and brings life to the gameplay by adding cute and fishy elements to spice things up.

You earn money and diamonds by clearing the boards quickly; the quicker the clearing, the higher the money. Then, you use this money to buy fish and develop your aquarium.

The point of the Fishdom is to aim to match three objects together, and it will give you a bonus. Similarly, if you match four objects, you get a firecracker that will blow up other objects. However, if you match five items, you will have a bomb to dish out more items.

If you a master of the game and manage to match seven objects in one move, you are rewarded with a warhead. By using the warhead, you can destroy half of the board. The task is not easy, especially during moves. So, get set your e-gaming mind, and try to score maximum to beat your friends.

Trips and tricks

To achieve a maximum score on the Fishdom mod apk, you need to plan your moves rather than swiping fingers on the board.

  • Before starting the puzzles, always have a game plan, as there is no time limit, so carefully plan and execute your moves. However, since moves are limited, you need to stay up to the task to avoid losing unnecessary moves.
  • Try, and aim for the firecracker. Match four pieces or more and treat yourself with a firecracker. It will help to clear through the level quickly and with higher points.
  • You can also aim for a bomb. An L-shaped or T-shaped combination of five pieces results in a bomb. They work similar to a firecracker but destroy more pieces than a bomb.
  • Similarly, match six pieces and get power, and match seven pieces to have a warhead. These help to destroy half of the board.
  • By jazzing up your aquarium, you can earn bigger beauty points. You also secure a coin bonus when you level up in star points. So, please do not waste your money buying duplicate decorations as they will not add any star points.
  • Remember that the Fishdom is not restricted to match-3 puzzles only. Taking care of your fish is also important, so keep your fish well fed. Leaving them unfed may get them to starve and eventually die.
  • Try to stay honest and avoid using Fishdom cheats money, as it may get you blocked from the gaming board.

Gameplay of the Fishdom mod apk

The Fishdom mod apk, all levels unlocked, is a game to experience. There are 9,800 levels currently in the game, and new levels keep adding by the developers. These levels have different difficulty levels. However, it is not that simple and needs you to focus, plan and execute your moves to clear all levels.

You need to purchase different fish species, decorations, and comfort to make the environment inhabitable. You are provided with trophies in bronze, silver, or gold when you fulfill the above criteria.

Levels are based on match-3 mechanics. The player has to move two adjacent gems to make a match of three more. These levels have different boards and grids and pose a different challenge. It would be best to clear the entire board by making matches before the move limit runs out. Simultaneously, you can achieve bonuses in warheads, bombs, or firecrackers which help you clear the board quickly. If you fail to clear the board before the allotted moves, the game returns to the aquarium rather than the next level. The latest version offers a freemium offer, by which you earn diamonds. You can later use these diamonds for in-app purchases.

Furthermore, there are one or more goals for each level, which are displayed before the start of the level. Once the level starts, the goal board moves to the top of the screen. Pay attention to your progress to finish the level.

Also, keep a close eye on obstacles on the field. Some levels offer unlimited moves but restrict your time. Once you move, your time begins.

How to download Fishdom mod apk

Follow the instructions listed below to download Fishdom mod apk.

  1. On the search engine, look for Fishdom mod apk.
  2. Click on the download button to begin downloading the file.
  3. Locate the Fishdom mod apk file in the downloads folder.
  4. Allow your device to run files from unknown sources in order to run the downloaded file.
  5. Click the settings button and enable all necessary permissions.
  6. Start enjoying the game after the installation is complete by clicking the game’s icon on your device.

In order to get the game working on your computer, you can follow the same series of steps.


Can I turn off the sound and music in the Fishdom?

Turning off the sound is as simple as clicking the wrench icon on the screen. You can also use the icon to control the music.

My tank can hold a maximum of how many fish?

There is a different fish limit for each level. When you look to the right, you can see the current limit. The first two levels allow only three fishes, while the maximum limit increases.

Can I clean my tank? 

Yes, you can clean your tank by clicking the sponge at the bottom of the game. You are even rewarded when you clean your tank.

Is it safe to download and install Fishdom mod apk?

Yes, the file is safe for downloading and installing on your phone. Since the game is a product of a trusted game developing team, you can trust it.

Is the game playable offline?

Yes, you can even play the game in offline mode. Your progress is updated once you are back online.

Wrapping up

Fishdom mod apk! It is a challenging and addictive game. If you are a fish lover, you must give it a try. Gameplay is simple yet tough enough to test your skills. The game is skillfully developed to give an intuitive feel to the players. So, do not waste time and download to start enjoying marine life.

What's new

Dive into a steamy Fishdom update! MYSTERY AND DRAMA – Help Sophie Thérier save a movie shoot! – Join a musical event and help Roxie make her dream come true! – Solve a mysterious case with a famous platypus detective! ALSO – The Roaring Twenties aquarium! – 2 new fish: Minor Tetra and Royal Peacock. We hope you enjoy the new update! Happy matching!



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