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If you are thirsty and need to hydrate yourself with a watery game, look no further than the Happy Glass mod apk.
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January 14, 2022
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If you are thirsty and need to hydrate yourself with a watery game, look no further than the Happy Glass mod apk. The game is simple but really fun. The gameplay is designed for e-gamers who want to experience creative gameplay.

That being said, simple and approachable in-game features allow players to entertain themselves. Additionally, the funky graphics, casual, and accessible with brilliant mechanics offer an addictive and exhilarated experience. All ages will enjoy the game with moderate to high-level difficulty. So, feel free to try your luck filling in the empty glass mode with your lines to convert empty glass mode from sad to joyful.

The game is all about drawing creative lines to fill a glass with water. Strive to fill the glass in minimum moves, earn extra points, and lead the scoring charts. The game is addictive and simple, with soothing musical accompaniment. The game is hitting the most-downloaded charts.

In the parallel universe, things have the same feelings as we humans have, and this idea is simulated in the Happy Glass mod apk.

So tighten your belts, and get steady for a joyful ride of creativity, fun, and addiction.


Let us now explore a few key features of the Happy Glass mod apk.

Simple Gameplay

This plot has a very simple goal: make the glass happy. This is as easy as walking through a park. So, if you are a beginner, this game is an ideal piece to kick start your journey. The situation is not the same throughout the game. As you climb up with levels, the difficulty keeps getting higher. You become an expert as the difficulty increases gradually. The gameplay keeps you interested and glued to your mobile screen.

Sound Effects

One of the best things to experience on the Happy Glass mod apk download is its sound effects. They are so good that you won’t believe them, do check them yourself. The music intensifies and slows down as your drawing moves, which keeps you upbeat with your thoughts. Similarly, it helps you swing your mood according to in-play mechanics.

Free to Play

You can play the game free. The downloading is also free of charge. However, there are in-game ads. So, to avoid these ads, you have the option to buy the ad-free game by purchasing it. Free your mind from spending any money, and enjoy the game.

Multiple Levels

If you are consistent and enthusiastic about completing hundreds of game levels, download the Happy Glass mod apk. Various difficulty levels are available, and test your gaming, drawing, and balancing instincts. You also have the opportunity to explore other creative aspects by designing multiple methods of overcoming a single challenge.


The immersive experience is elevated as the game offers a high level of customization. You can easily change cups, customize water, and your drawings to enhance your visual experience. Such customization helps you avoid boredom. Additionally, you can choose a color scheme that will best suit your visuals.

In-play Hints

Do not switch off the game if you are stuck and finding it difficult to pass through a level. You are provided with in-game hints to get you through levels. However, these hints cost you coins, so use them wisely and do not run out of coins. You earn these coins by completing levels and challenges.

Playing offline

You can play the game in an offline mode as well. All features of the game remain intact even without the internet. So, if you are at a place with no internet facility, worry not; open the Happy Glass game and start playing your favorite game. Your offline progress is saved and updated once you are online again.

Event Participation

The game also offers multiple unique levels to celebrate different global events. These special levels offer more than usual rewards and coins. So, keep checking your game to get notified and participate in these events. Such happenings keep you engaged and glued to the game and provide a different feel.


There is a great deal of detail and temptation in the graphics. You get easily immersed into simple yet intuitive in-game visuals. The graphics are designed to match the screen resolution of low-end phones. The outlook is easy on the eyes, and undemanding graphics offer an extremely playable experience.

Description of the Happy Glass mod apk

The game has simplicity at its core. It requires you to fill in a sad glass of water by diverting dripping water into the glass. Drawing lines create a diversion. Hundreds of levels need to complete. In addition, the game offers unique levels related to different occasions.

The game is improved regularly to keep away the bugs and viruses. It is easily available online for download and is compact. Currently, it is downloaded by more than one hundred thousand, which depicts its popularity among the gaming fraternity. 

Happy glass introduces puzzle levels with different difficulty settings. The game offers a variety of creative elements that make it an enjoyable experience. Using a powerful pen, you need to draw lines on the screen that turn into different shapes. The drawn shapes then guide the water into the glass or drain away. However, you are limited on ink, so you need to craft your moves carefully. So, bring your brain into the game, and keep pushing for higher ranks by completing difficult tasks.

Story of the Happy Glass mod apk

Happy glass is a product of Lion Studios, a trusted developer of games. It has a unique idea behind its development. The game tests your control skills and is addictive. If we categorize it, it falls into a puzzle game.

The goal of a level is to fill a glass of water with the allotted moves. The moves are presented in ink; the ink reduces with each line you draw. The main character of the game is an empty glass, which is sad, and you are required to make the glass happy by filling it up with water dripping down from the top of the screen. The glass, however, is not stagnant but moves in different directions and according to the difficulty level of the task. With each passing level, you earn stars. The minimum number of moves leads to a maximum number of stars.

It appears simple, but you must keep the glass as obstacles come like falling stones that break the glass. Similarly, there are levels in which you must fill two glasses simultaneously. So, stay vigilant and draw your lines carefully. Because once you draw a line, it converts into a hard material, which can also break your glass.

Tips and Tricks of the Happy Glass mod apk

To score maximum, you need to stay vigilant to various hurdles. So, keep the below points and tips in mind to attain the highest position on the leader board.

  • The first time you play the game, you are provided with a demo. We recommend not to miss the demo, as it will help better understand the gameplay.
  • Wait for the water to drop down, and then draw your lines. It helps you create a better line when the water flows in the direction you want.
  • Think out of the box; instead of directing water to the glass, push the glass towards the water.
  • Lead the line inside the glass. It will not allow the water to overflow and divert as the pressure increases from the source.
  • At certain levels, you even need not draw a single line, so make an educated guess of the flow of the water, and avoid making a drawing as it may not seem necessary.
  • Avoid downloading the Happy Glass mod apk hack.
  • Use the lines as a balancing act for directing water. 
  • You also have a built-in hint feature; try not to use them abruptly and save for more difficult levels.
  • Participate in events to gain maximum stars, convert these earned stars into coins and use those coins to pass through levels.

Gameplay of the Happy Glass mod apk

The Happy Glass mod apk download is a fun game to experience. The game features hundreds of levels, and developers keep adding new levels. All levels have different difficulty standards. However, you even have to plan and execute your moves carefully. Otherwise, you may end up losing the game at the initial stages.

It would help if you filled an empty glass by filling in water and dropping down in different directions. When you successfully fill the glass, your ear stars based on the number of moves you took to complete the level. The lower the number of moves, the greater the number of stars.

Levels are based on different designs and setups. The player has to draw a line, either straight or curved, to change the direction of the water. Each level has different elements and poses challenges accordingly. It is best to use minimum lines to complete the level so that you may not lose all of your moves. Simultaneously, you can earn stars and coins by participating in daily and occasion-based levels. When you do not succeed in clearing the level, you have the option of retrying. The retry eats up your coins. The latest version offers the players an excellent visual and musical experience. The game is free of cost; however, you must watch ads between levels. So, if you want to go ad-free, you’ll have to purchase the ad-free version.

Furthermore, you can use the hint option on the top right corner of the game, which helps you complete tasks. Since hints are not unlimited, therefore use them wisely. Once the levels start, the water starts to flow, so stay keen and do not let the water flow away.

How to download the Happy Glass mod apk

Downloading the Happy Glass mod apk unlimited hints is an easy task; you simply need to follow the steps below to treat yourself to this exciting exercise.

  1. Search using keywords Happy Glass mod apk download
  2. Open the page, click the Download button to start downloading the application
  3. Once the download is complete, locate the Happy Glass mod apk file on your mobile or PC
  4. Run the downloaded setup and permit your device to run the application from “Unknown Sources.”
  5. Allow all permissions which are prompted during the installation phase
  6. Once the installation is successful, run the game by clicking the game icon

Above mentioned steps are equally usable both for mobile phones and PCs.

FAQ’s about Happy Glass mod apk

Is the Happy Glass hack mod apk download safe?

Yes, the game is developed by a trusted team of developers, who keep the application updated to remove malicious bugs.

Can I play the game in an offline mode?

Yes, the game perfectly works with all features, even in an offline state. You are able to save your progress once you come back online.

Does the game charge fee for playing?

No, the game is free of charge; there are no charges for downloading, installing, or playing. However, the free version has in-play ads. For an ad-free app, you must purchase from the developer.

Wrapping up

Happy Glass mod apk! One of the most addictive and testing games. If you know drawing well, you must download and play this game. The game is simple yet tested. The game is beautifully developed to keep players’ interests high. Don’t wait any longer. Download now and give yourself a joyous experience. 

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