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This mekorama crack is best for the individuals who have a skill on building levels, they will put additional time in it.
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There is something remarkably charming about a decent puzzle game. It can be entertaining and tricky at the same time. One such game is Mekorama mod apk, a beguiling 3D Puzzle game of captain toad lost in one of the monument valley vein. While hovering across its various levels, you guide a little creature named B around obstructions and through constructions to arrive at a red spot that implies the objective of each level. 

We’ve bring this Mekorama mod apk to guarantee you the quality and environment of this game. With this mod app, this game will be more fun for you. Although, you can download it straightforwardly from the Play Store, this changed adaptation is here to tackle every one of your issues. It is a game app with everything unlocked and unlimited. You are free to play every level of this game.

Best Features of Mekorama Mod APK

Fun To Play And Beautiful To Watch

Primarily, the visuals are wonderful. Fresh and clear, everything about this to some degree minecraftish universe of blocks, grass and wood appear to be all-real. The little odd bot is so cute to watch and operate. It feels like an actual moving toy.  It is named as B because of shape.

Attractive Gameplay

The graphics and effects is executed through something called secondary flat motion. There are things like dormancy that will make it tumble off the edge, or come up short. Each move is appealing and significant, so the outcome is that of an extremely cleaned and affectionately created game, with its exceptional climate and occupants. The game’s unique visual allure actually holds solid and decipher impeccably onto the Nintendo’s bigger screen. Everything looks splendid and on point, it supports the entire serene feel of the game apk

Game Audio Quality

Like any great quality game, mekorama apk’s theme music and audio is an ideal counterpart for the visuals. You will likewise hear an additional tone each time you direct the character to move. One more thing to amuse you that developer of this game is also the songwriter here. The sweet, enjoyable soundtrack mirrors the activity of your game that makes for a fantastic experience.

Unlimited Play

Execution is perfect. Replay esteem is for all intents and purposes limitless because of this mod apk. If would be correct to say that you have endless play. This mekorama crack is best for the individuals who have a skill on building levels, they will put additional time in it.

No Ads

In play store version of this game, you have to watch promotional ad after every level. However, in this modified apk you can enjoy effortless game experience without any ads. There will be no short promotions, which show up after each level, and there is no reclamation of a decent balance point with the expectation of complimentary play.

Absolutely Free

This game is developed totally for nothing and does exclude any in-game purchases or any extra top ups. You can enjoy all the levels of this game absolutely free, which is the reason it is exceptionally heartfelt considering the market nowadays

Fun Challenging Levels

Like any critic or reviewer, we will talk about the troubles and challenges concerning a game. With 100 levels, spread across four different types from simple to intense, you’re going to be kept occupied for a long time. The trouble gradually increase and it is very not something to gripe about, with the capacity to make your own levels, you are going to be kept occupied for a while. This game surely deserves all praise. Not exclusively they’re brilliant and in some cases shrewdly precarious, yet additionally essentially endless because of the level editing feature. 

Great For Kids

Mekorama mod apk is extremely keen and thoroughly comes to the rundown of instructive and formative games. Essentially rich puzzler takes kids from player to producer. To play through levels, kids need to think fundamentally, face challenges to evaluate arrangements, fizzle, and retry. When they get its hang, they can likewise construct and offer their own levels; however making the riddles is undeniably more testing than tackling them.

Give you experience of both worlds

Mekorama is played totally on the Nintendo’s screen or with an additional on-screen cursor, in the event that you wish so. At first accessible on cell phones, it victoriously takes the leap over to switch without any complications, and even packs in a lot of additional levels all the while. You can fully enjoy it on your smartphone or Nintendo’s switch, whatever you like the most. Visuals inside this game are moderate and suggestive. Based on the low-poly scenes they will help players a little to remember mine craft. Think of it as a pocket-sized mine craft.  


Past the 100 amazingly designed level to play, this game has a several different ways to broaden your experience. Option of an inherent level developer, permitting individual players to assemble their own levels and offer them to every other person for download online. There are truly a huge number of fan-made levels out there for you to download and attempt them out. I just love trying new level online. This is another pleasant curve on a generally beautiful phenomenal gaming experience. 

Game Play

The soul essence of this game is to direct the little robot to ascend and move along the square style design to the closure red spot. While this had, a story with it that is you assisting B with getting away from the robot production line that unloaded it in the rubbish. This game doesn’t exactly disclose to you the reason for all the riddle settling. Maybe little B tracked down its #1 adventure ground after it got away from the bot manufacturing plant, and presently has a good time discovering answers for every one of the 50+ mechanical lifelike models worked by developer.

Game feature a cute robot named ‘B’, he rather resembles a little toad, and you must guide him from A to B in a progression of levels introduced as lifelike models. All these 100 levels are divided into 25 easy, 25 medium, 25 tricky and 25 hard ones. You will have to utilize the game’s camera to review the stages from each conceivable point. As most of them contain hindrances, secret paths, and moving items that might be noticeable according to specific perspectives.

To perceive how to best take care of every issue, your primary weapon tool is the capacity to turn the screen around, zooming around the level in a round fly-by design, halting precisely where you need to, so you can track down the key to tackling your problem. Like most games, the levels begin adequately basic, yet graduate in both their assortment and intricacy to challenge you increasingly more as you progress. In the long run you end up with the two partners and adversaries intensifying your difficulties in additional levels.

The ongoing interaction is exceptionally clear and straightforward, permitting speedy get and put-down, allowing you to hop back. We have seldom seen a game that so exquisitely releases you in and out of ongoing interaction at your recreation. Furthermore, it is defiantly appraisable.

You likewise can make your own levels, something that persists from its versatile archetype. What contrasts in the Nintendo’s adaptation is the expansion of actual controls, permitting you to switch among touchscreen and spontaneous control; which is in every case great. The only thing missing is the inventive QR scan option that was one of my number one provisions in its mobile version, given the Nintendo’s absence of cam; this bodes well.

How to install Mekorama Mod APK?

  • First, download the mekorama mod apk.
  • If you have, any past adaptations introduced in your gadget then uninstall it, as it would make an issue.
  • After downloading, install it.
  • Open and enjoy this fun game.

FAQ’s about Mekorama Crack

How do you beat Mekorama levels?

The red markers continue all alone, yet ordinarily in one side, either clockwise or anti. You can control them by placing obstructions in their path, this incorporates robot also, and constraining them to take an alternate way. – The objective is generally to get B robot to the end.

How can i scan levels from my mobile fb or Twitter?

Tap photograph to zoom it. Then long-press it and tap ‘Save option’ in mekorama mod apk, tap scan image icon and select the picture.

How can i scan levels from another device?

In mekorama apk, select ‘scan camera.’ Point camera towards QR code scan. On android devices, tap to snap and receive pic.

How do I solve level X?

In mekorama mod apk, you can get several hints if you are stuck on some level. You need to tap pause and ‘Show hint’ to find support. If still you are stuck and got no help from hints, you can check for different YouTube walk tough videos of that game level.


No level is locked in this mod app. No complicated framework, no extra purchases, not even advertisements. The actual game is truly fun, and the manner in which you drives robot away graciously is likewise exciting. From our experience of gaming, mekorama mod apk is certainly perhaps the best game this season, and it goes straightforwardly to my rundown of the best one of this year. In the event that you like smart riddles and relaxing game, you ought to download this now.

Important Note

This game is phenomenal with its visual and audio, carrying a very spotless stylish with enough tone to catch the eye (and keep youngsters engaged). Therefore, in case you’re searching for a great game, a cutesy time killer, or even something new to take a stab at, Mekorama is certainly worth a go. Our team just loved playing this fun and cute game. Most of us have finished the levels and presently we have made our own levels and shared them. You should definitely try it.

What's new


• 10 new levels!

• Improved hints
• Level tweaks
• Bugfixes




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