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Merge Magic mod apk is an Puzzle game where you have multiple hidden levels, unlimited money, stars and magic stories.
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Merge and match games are one of the most popular class for fun gaming. Today, we’ve brought you one such game i.e. merge magic mod apk, which is our most favorite mobile game we have put out hands on. In it you have to reestablish a wonderland type garden to its earlier magnificence by combining matching items. As you pass each task you will begin to see it changing into a dream garden.

It is a fun, adventurous puzzle game with a twist of strategic thinking. The main purpose of the story is to transform the cursed world into beautiful land by merging things and creatures etc. You will be getting extra power, unlimited magic stories, unlimited resources and gems in this mod apk version.

Best features of Merge Magic MOD APK

Attractive Visuals

The graphics and image quality of this game pretty colorful, beautiful with charming creatures, and flowery garden. It has some cute vibes in it that attracts to play and enjoy it.

Music & Sound

The audio and music are absolutely pleasant and coordinating with the gameplay. You will enjoy listening it while merging objects. It doesn’t disturb or irritates while you are planning your next step in the game.

Amazing Touch and Control

To join the things, you have to just drag them in a line of at least three are more until they arrive at their definitive structure and transform into another object. It’s a beautiful basic idea so I can’t envision the controls some other way.

A Relaxing Escape

This game is more than a basic puzzle game. It has diversified from the standard by incorporating a scope of added mechanics and rewards for users. Cute pets and things makes it more beautiful and amazing. It entwined a group of charming characters and fabricated a framework that keeps the activity sufficiently intriguing.

While this game probably isn’t quite brain storming, yet its includes some very testing tasks like merge nymphs’ challenges.  As you complete the levels and go ahead you will not care about rewards or point. It will become fun and relaxing distraction for you.

Hundreds of Objects for Merging

There are more than 600 unique objects to be merge and play through, making this game one of the most fun mobile game. A few common challenges include combining trees, flowers, eggs, cats, pots etc. You can likewise rehash in more than hundred levels, to create extra magic powers and redecorate your dreamland.

Other than some common creatures you will also find some unique things along your way like unicorns, fairies, smurfs and some mixture animals like butterphants i.e. hybrid of butterfly and elephant, peacats i.e. mix breed of peacock and felines, and some more.

So Much to Explore

There are many components in the game which will not make you bore. It has some fun challenges and tasks all throughout the game. There are in excess of 500 distinct components in the game, which makes the interaction remarkable and intriguing.

As though the pixies and minotaur weren’t enough, players who give enough time can gather these characters for their own garden reviving. It permits players to gather items and make wall around their garden. There are so much to explore and to be done that players will get addicted to it.


The game is divided into different level and phases along the map. On the kosogor part, you should perform the task multiple times to get a specific chest containing treasures. For each level passed, you get new components and prizes, the degree of which relies upon the intricacy of the game. The map provided on side likewise has different categories like some extra levels, the section of which will give you extra rewards.

Hidden Levels

There are likewise different hunts and missions available on the map. Finishing them gives you unique manifestations for your garden. There are likewise some hidden levels that are very hard to track down. These levels stow away on secret island and areas for which you need to discover some objects to unlock them.

They should be identified by tapping the identical items. Likewise, with standard levels, you are granted things and stars upon completion but on these level there will be extra rewards and prizes.  

Unlimited Stars

Stars are obtained in the wake of arriving at one of the journeys, which are displayed under the principal aim of the level. They have their own combining patterns. Likewise, grace is an uncommon energy that can open the reviled island. In play store version, you can acquire them from the spheres and a few plants.

Which also have their own combinations, each of them conveys a specific measure power up. Higher the level, more magical power and grace it will have. But in this merge magic mod apk you will get unlimited stars and powers ups. These star and graces will help you to purchase things for your garden and decorating it according to your liking.

Everything is Unlimited

In this modified app, there are unlimited money and unlimited resources. You can do free shopping for your garden. There are many extra power and boosters available that are paid in play store app. You also get unlimited gems in this app which costs 250 gems for $9.99 to +7,200 gems for $99. These gems help you a lot in game.

No Ads

As it is very difficult to find android app without advertisements. This mod apk app makes the game completely free of extra ads and purchases. You can freely play it without any disturbance.

Connecting with Friends

You can connect this app with Facebook. It will help you to visit one another and trade gems and gifts etc. You can  also make close friends list in this app for that you need their special id other than name. At the point when the player turns into your companion, you can send him gifts each day and visit them. You can also compare your rewards.


Just as the class recommends, the core concept of this game similar to all match and merge games. You need to adjust couple of identical items across a board. Situating these things in closeness makes them float towards one another and blend, as opposed to fall to pieces. Which something different than usual customary match 3 gameplay.

As players join these items they redesign, working towards a sort of normal advancement and opening a scope of different items. The center idea of this merge magic mod app is similarly as simple to get and play as its touch and control framework. You can easily drag and drop items across the screen.

The gameplay is somewhat innovative and unique in relation to conventional tackling game. Rather than interfacing shapes, number, square etc., this game permits you to join animals and objects, or whatever else identical you can see. Along the level map, you also have to decorate your garden by different items and transform it into beautiful place.

The purpose is to gather new mysterious animals that you’ll have the option to put in your very own personal space. As your assortment develops you’ll have to extend the size of your garden area. Try to look out for different witches that will attempt to thwart your arrangements. To open extraordinary things like new things to coordinate, you’ll need to gather uncommon gems that are a lot in mod apk.

This is probably the best merge game having a similar gameplay like magic evolution android. You start by consolidating unique and unusual objects, as they bring forth and you get a flying animal to assist you with the reviled land. The goal of each journey is to lift the revile and reunite the devastated world back.

How to Install Merge Magic MOD APK

  • First you have to download the game app from the link provided.
  • After downloading, click setup to install it on your mobile.
  • It will take few minutes.
  • After the successful installation open the app and start playing this fun game.


What sort of game is merge magic mod apk, how to play it?

It is a fun match and merge game where you have to lift the revile on universe by consolidating different animals and by coordinating with new things to win prizes that empower them to astonishment. It happens in a place called garden. You have basically decorate and redesign your garden by arranging different items.

What is the quickest method to get magic powers in merge magic game?

These powers can be gathered by claiming different animals and mana pool in your garden. Every animal and pool offers a specific sum. You can allude to the book given to discover the amount magic power you presently have. In this merge magic mod apk you will get unlimited magical power and gems that are paid in original app.

How many level are there in merge magic?

There are more than 100 levels to finish in this game. Other than these challenges there are a few alternatives for investing energy in the game i.e. You can take part in transitory game occasions, arrange and decorate your garden, repeat your completed level in the event that you have not gathered 3 chests on each level. You can also discover some hidden levels available.


A cheerful bright world is there to please you when you play this game. The picture in the garden is very clear and alluring to the eyes of players. On the off chance that you need amusement game for fun time pass, this app is one of those exciting games you can’t disregard. Give yourself experience of bliss, solace, adventure and brimming with interest within this game. Merge object and decorate your garden according to you. Be as innovative as possible and see the outcomes with the flawlessness you’ve generally longed for.

Important Note

This game was enjoyable to play from various points of views. Our team loved the theme and nature of this game. It’s fun and light to play. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and energies to solve the puzzles. It is definitely one of those game which I will play when I’m exhausted and need to relax my mind and have fun. Other than that, I have a thing for merge game so I just love this app so much.  

What's new

- Stay tuned for more fun events that will bring you wonderful creatures.
- Includes minor bug fixes and improvements.



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