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The Mansion Full of Mysteries Mod APK - Unlimited Coins, Diamonds, Energy and No ads . In this you'll find the many Secrets and unlock Rooms.
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September 8, 2021
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Who doesn’t love MYSTERIES? In your leisure time, explore all that this stunning mansion has brought to the table. Merge mansion mod apk -a unique puzzle game in which you will help the main character MADDIE to reestablish her grandma’s old destroyed mansion. In past brimming with life, now this mansion is starting to peter out, However you could help maddie to figure out how to reconstruct, decorate a dream mansion and give it a customize touch.  

You would then be able to embellish the whole mansion and modify everything. In this mod APK, you’ll find the numerous secrets, you can unlock rooms and give them complete makeover. You will be getting limitless energy, unlimited gold, and diamonds. Merge numerous useful tools that will help you to renovate and decorate. Moreover, tackle fun riddles and get several rewards.

Features of Merge Mansion Mod APK


Look for an assortment of items and merge them to finish the task. The game is habit-forming, fun to play, and simple to learn. 

Fantastic and Fun

You utilize your nearby elements by turning things like a wrecked light or old corroded digging tool into instruments you can use to redesign your dreamy mansion or fix up your nursery. You’ll find maddie granny’s strange past and family ancestry.

Unlimited Coin and Diamond

To assist players with getting the essential tools and different things they need to finish the mansion’s home redesign based jobs, you need to merge indistinguishable things on a game board, which changes over them into different useful things. Tapping on everything will show the movement that each item can go through.

Part of the game includes some planned components, which might require a pause, not having any things accessible to be coordinated until a timer concludes and the instrument barrel can give extra things. Here you can spend coins in certain occurrences to accelerate the time, purchase extra things that match ones on the load up. And in Playstore version, you need to spend real cash on in-application bundles that will help work with ongoing interaction and get extra coins etc. ‘

One fundamental issue I have with that one was that when you don’t have energy any longer, you need to stand by long till it creates your power once more. However, in Merge mansion mod APK, you can get limitless coins and diamonds procured, so you don’t actually need to go through any money or hang tight for additional time.

No Ads

Looking for a effortlessly butter smooth gameplay? With no advertisements? Then, at that point this game mega mansion mod apk is worth checking out. While the illustrations are straightforward, the actual interactivity and tasks can turn out to be rather testing.

Discover A lot

In this game, your definitive objective is to have the house remodeled. However, to accomplish this, you first need to clean the whole region, as it occurs to be dirty and filthy throughout recent years. In that, you will discover numerous things en route, alongside certain fortunes you can keep.

With merging and playing different puzzle challenges that permit you to open things important for you in future. Here, you simply need to coordinate with similar things to effectively gather it and use it. There are many riddle games to appreciate today as you clean and move along the mansion.  

Adventure and Dilemma

You’ll be getting many escapade corners and tasks to challenge your psyche. Completing the challenges will work on your mood, and how you go over, rich prizes to help you fabricate your mansion. In this excursion of merge mansion, you might experience various difficulties and get into tough spots, look out and be cautious. Your intelligence and fortitude will help you as far as possible.

Decorate a Dream Mansion

Assuming that you have a thing for interior designing and reviving, this is the game where you can fulfill all your desires. Appreciate improving the whole mansion including the inside and outside. Track down the best furnishings, things, decoration and coordinate everything personally. You are directing that the mansion looks dazzling all around. To do this, you can likewise orchestrate the nursery and the yard.

Amazing experience

In this game, you will discover 3D illustrations that permit you to see the activity work out from a hierarchical viewpoint. In addition, that you have to settle riddles to coordinate various components. You likewise need to partake in the conversation between the maddie and her grandma to find more about their family and history.

Enjoy Puzzle Games

This game is filled with puzzle games that you can appreciate. This astounding game allows you to pile up your intelligence and creativity. Furthermore, it will give you far beyond a riddle – it’s a methodology game. This game is totally the sort of game that will give you a couple of all around went through minutes of consolidating and making techniques – it’s kind of a daily recreation, relaxation and a match puzzle simultaneously.

Follow the Story

In this game, you’ll partake in the story where you should find numerous things. Discover many secret insider facts. While maddie’s excursion into her ancestor’s secretive past has just started, there’s as of now a lot of exciting updates holding on to extend the story. The game is exciting and we like the story it’s emotional, secretive and simply a decent story.

However, now and then, you get a little piece of the riddle and you will hear the characters a few sentences. We ensure that this game continues to astound you merge after merge and for quite a long time. We like merging games, especially when you put in a strong target like reestablishing an old mansion, it turns into a truly fun game.

Game Play

In this fun game, you will be playing as maddie, a young girl visiting her grandma who is entrusted with revealing her family’s mystifying past by reestablishing an old house. With her babysitter, dropping hints in regards. Maddie is anxious to work and uncover reality with regards to her progenitors.

She decides to restore the house and nearby gardens, and she will need your support. The game utilizes consolidating mechanics to permit players to make the instruments expected to begin remodels on the home. There are different levels to pass in this game; players will actually want to open different areas where they can attempt to make new renovations.

You commence with the garage, which is at first loaded up with innumerable boxes and things. Find two that appear to be identical and drag one over the other to blend them and make a higher-level one. Keep doing as such until you reveal what we call ‘permanent source things’ these are objects that continually drop different things, which you can use to do jobs. You need to eliminate dust from every one of the things and remodel the whole house.

This game brags wide range things to find and many riddles to address, so clients playing this game will not need to stress over discovering another type of entertainment for quite a while.

How to install merge mansion Mod APK?

  1. Download the merge mansion mod apk.
  2. After downloading, you ought to permit unknown sources from settings of your cell phone. Enter Settings-Security-Check unknown source.  
  3. Then install this app.
  4. Enjoy this pleasant Game

FAQ’s for Merge Mansion Mod APK

Do you ever enter mansion in Merge Mansion?

You need to pass level, do task ad merge everything. Continue to do that until whatever point you can, particularly coins and blue stars as this will improve rewards. You can enter mansion and explore different rooms and corners of the house along with secrets under every brick.

How many levels are in Merge Mansion?

As of now, the highest level is the Level 35. It is impossible to expand your level higher than this. We hope that the level cap will be expanded in future game updates.

How do you get peony seeds in Merge mansion?

You can get the peony blossom seeds by merging the vase in available level. Then, at that point it will begin to sparkle, and in case there is an extra square close to it, it will bring forth a peony blossom seed into the unfilled space.

How do I make the pink flowers in Merge mansion?

To get pink flowers you need to get the pots you get from the closet compartments and afterward the seeds from that point make the pink flower. You need cabinet to make jar. Vase in level five or six gives you seeds to converge into a peony bloom. Try not to sell anything soon, as you don’t know what it will become later on and you might need it.


There are numerous great puzzle games available today. This kind is consistently a famous one since many individuals love piling up their minds. Nevertheless, there aren’t sufficient games to play or the vast majority of them are dull. In case that you are also struggling tracking down a best mystery and merge game, this one will definitely astonish you! This riddle game allows you to partake in an extraordinary story and you can merge away several things to create new object.

Important note

Our team specially love this this game since it will bring you more experience of fantasy world and travel in the wonderful universe of past. Merge mansion is an incredible game to play and has some extraordinary highlights. It tends to be extremely habit-forming. In the event that you like explore hidden things, it is for you.

What's new

Small fixes and improvements. Thank you for playing Merge Mansion.



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